Looking to buy dog training collars for German Shepherds? We have done research & listed the collars that will be best for training a German shepherd dog. Hope you will find this helpful:

There are many types of collars available for the dogs such as everyday collars: (nylon collars, leather collars, metal prong collar), dog harness & e collars.

  • Every day collars are used for the daily use (basic obedience training) & these comes in variety of colors, size & material. These are low in price range but very durable at the same time.
  • Metal prong collars are best to use when the every day collars are not durable & strong.
  • E collars also known as anti bark or no bark collars, used for specialized training.

Depending on your need you can go for the best collar for your dog. We have found some of the best training collars for German shepherd dog, hope it will help you in making decision to buy the best one for your dog.

Watch below video to know more about how to choose right collar for your dog:

Buy Best Dog Training Collars for German Shepherd

Best Dog Training Collars for German Shepherds

Best Nylon Collars for German Shepherd:

PetSafe Easy Walk Harness

8,056 customer reviews

  • The Easy Walk Harness gently discourages your dog from pulling while on a leash.
  • Easy to fit and comfortable to wear, the Easy Walk Harness makes walking enjoyable for you and your dog.
  • The front-chest leash attachment helps you steer your dog to the side and redirect his attention toward you.
  • The chest strap rests across your dog’s chest instead of putting pressure on the delicate throat, so there’s no choking or gagging.
  • Now you can take the lead and enjoy the freedom of stress-free walks.

Promising Review: I am a professional dog trainer. I use these harnesses for dogs that are leash pullers, aggressive towards other dogs or just plain goofy on a leash. They clip on the chest area which is important because dog’s don’t experience that “I’m contained” sensation which can provoke anxiety. I give these out routinely to my clients and always keep a bunch in all sizes. I use them on my own 100 pound German Shepherd. No worries about trachea or other neck injuries. My only warning is that short haired dogs with sensitive skin may experience a rubbing sore under their armpits. For that, I tell clients to pad it with a sock (cut out the toes.) If you have a dog who is an escape artist, clip your leash to the harness ring and the buckle ring on their collar.  Clients are always surprised at how nicely their dogs walk with these harnesses. Dogmama

PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar with Training DVD

6,294 customer reviews

  • Enjoy stress-free walks with the PetSafe Gentle Leader No-Pull Headcollar
  • Stops excessive leash pulling and prevents other unwanted behaviors like lunging, jumping and barking
  • Provides immediate, gentle control
  • Adjustable nylon straps with neoprene padded nose loop for added comfort
  • Does not cause choking and is painless

Promising Review: We bought the Gentle Leader on a recommendation from a friend who was having a difficult time running with his rescue dog. He had great success, so we though we’d give it a try. We have a German Short-haired Pointer puppy – he’s a bit hyper and loves to “pull you” down the block on a run. This does a great job with puppy training for walking or running. Definitely better than a harness or standard collar. It will take some doing to get your dog used to wearing something that seems designed for a horse, but with lots of cookies and encouragement, our puppy is doing well. At the beginning, we also applied the collar before every feeding so he would associate the collar with something good.  Highly recommend! zdahleen

EzyDog Checkmate Martingale-Style Training and Correction Dog Collar

221 customer reviews

  • A reliable and secure adjustable dog collar, humanely designed not to choke your pup during dog training exercises or at your local excitement-filled dog park.
  • The Martingale-style Checkmate correction collar also has a lower profile fit, making it suitable as an everyday collar.

Promising Review: I have been very happy with the days of collar that I purchased. I have a 100+ lb. German shepherd, who can be difficult at times to take for a walk. This collar has given me better control of him. It checks him when needed, without hurting him.  I recommend it to dog owners with large dogs. JH

Yisibo Harness Dog Collar Nylon Tactical Dog Collar

172 customer reviews

  • Provide a training dog collar for German Shepherd, Doberman, Golden retriever, Labrador, Bulldog, Husky and Military K9 Service dog working dogs.
  • With this dog collar, it’s convenient for you to add your dog leash and training dogs or walk with your dog easily.
  • Made of 1.5″ Width 2-Layer Stitching Nylon Webbing, 1000D nylon fabric, tough durable but lightweight, waterproof, dry faster and quality assurance

Promising Review: Used a ton of different types of collers for 3 different breeds, are genders. All 3 larger, strong dogs. A 55 lb female pitbull, 60 lb brindle pitbull, lab mix male, and current dog a 50’s lb young female German Shepherd. I tried the more expensive brand name dog supplies (Kong) last dog collar. Plastic latches, broke.  This is a well built cooler. Very sturdy, works great with my dog. Michael C. Sanchez

Best Leather Collar for German Shepherd:

Soft Touch Collars – Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar

1,553 customer reviews

  • Fits Dog Neck Size 18 to 21 Inches – Width is 1.5 Inches – The Total Length of Dog Collar is 24 Inches
  • It is is handmade, hand-stitched from high quality genuine leather
  • The inside of collar is softly padded and protects your dogs neck from rubbing and irritation
  • The D-ring is located on top of the collar for an easy leash attachment

Promising Review: I don’t understand the negative reviews about this collar. We bought ours over a year ago for our very, very active German Shepherd, Oliver. Ollie wears it every day and the thing looks brand new. He looks so handsome in it and receives many compliments. It was definitely a larger, bulkier type of collar than the usual nylon or regular leather types so it takes some getting used to. Also, because it’s leather it is going to be stiff and hard to bend at first, just like a new pair of quality leather shoes. But once Ollie started to wear it, it became more pliable and softer and really adjusted well to his thick neck. There is no fraying or ripping of leather or sewing or anything like that. This collar will be Oliver’s one and only for the rest of his life. He loves it! I think the people who left negative reviews just never gave it a chance to “break in” a bit. Also the pictures sent in about the collar ripping and falling apart look as though it was chewed up, in multiple reviews. That’s only my observation but I’m sure others felt like that as well. I certainly cannot think of one negative thing to say about this collar. The brass buckle, leash and tag holders are beautiful and haven’t tarnished a bit.  For anyone thinking of purchasing a leather collar, look no further. This is as good as it gets. Plus, made in the USA, I’m pretty sure.  For the record, this is my genuine opinion and I have not been influenced at all by the company that makes it. I just know quality when I see it. – lucyz91

Fairwin Braided Leather Dog Leash 6 ft – K9 Walking Training Leads for German Shepherd


254 customer reviews

  • It is made of real full grain leather, durable and soft.
  • Metal clips using pure copper alloy casting, the high quality plating process, outstanding clip appearance, simple and practical, strong tensile resistance can carry 500 Lb pull force, it is easy to tie on the dog collars or chest straps.
  • Suitable for large dogs such as Border Collie, German Shepherd Dog, Caucasian Shepherd Dog, Bernese Mountain Dog.
  • 5.6ft length let you and your dog in your backyard or walking down the street has become more relaxed, can better control the dog’s behavior.

Promising Review: I have a german shepherd who is 1.5 year old and 75 pounds! I love it! The leash look so nice and feels comfortable in my hands. In addition, the leash is great for training if you’re using a chain and need to give a quick snap and the leash is right about the length you want when they are heeling. – Izzy

Genuine Leather Dog Collar 1.4″x25″ Fits 17″-22″ Neck, Brown German Shepherd

23 customer reviews

  • Well made, strong and durable genuine leather dog collar.
  • Measures 1.4″x25″ and sized to fit 17″-22″ neck circumference.
  • Dog silhouette embossed.
  • Perfect collar for daily use, made to last.

Promising Review: Looks beautiful on my German Shepherd. Not nearly as stiff as one other review makes it seem. It softens up nicely after a few walks.  Definitely recommend, I would buy again. K. Dunmead

Best Metal Prong Collar for German Shepherd:

Pet Supply Imports Herm Sprenger Chrome Plated Training Collar with Quick Release Snap

1,435 customer reviews

  • Built for safety and strength
  • High quality chrome plated steel
  • Recommended by trainers
  • Made in Germany
  • Measures 21-inches in length

Promising Review: Great collar but there should be a chart which shows sizing based on neck circumference. I had to do some research of my own to get the correct size as there’s a lot of reviews here which are all over the board with the sizes they chose. My German shepherd has a neck circumference of about 15″. The collar is supposed to sit high on the neck per leerberg.com.  I bought the medium and found it was too big so removed 2 links leaving 8 links on the collar. This was perfect for her.  It doesn’t dig in and it doesn’t fall all the way down on her neck. There’s just enough slack so she’s comfortable. – iSurvivor

Herm Sprenger Ultra-Plus Prong Training Collar, 2.25 MM Fits Up To 12″ Neck

564 customer reviews

  • This Dog Training Collar is safe, practical and easy to use.
  • This training collar features a solid fastener plate that provides a more secure connection making fastening the collar around your dog’s neck easier and safer.
  • To adjust size, add or remove individual links.
  • The patented center plate construction and symmetrical prong placement provide natural contact for optimal communication.

Promising Review: We have a 24 pound Cock-a-Poo and he used to be very frantic while walking. He pulled a lot. So much so that walking him wasn’t enjoyable so we didn’t do it. This has changed his walking 100% from the first time we walked him. He now walks by my side and never ever pulls. I know it doesn’t hurt him at all. It is good quality and is easy to put on and off. I walk a German Shepard and the one they have (definitely not this brand) is hard to take on and off. That one is very frustrating. I read another review for another brand saying Herm Sprenger is the best and they were right.  Best purchase I have made in a long time. Patty Cerney

Best E Collar for German Shepherd:

Petrainer PET998DBB1 100% Waterproof and Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar

1,474 customer reviews

  • It is very popular E-Collar used by Expert Trainers & First Time Pet Owners
  • It can be used to help correct barking, walking, leash training, sitting, aggression, and other behavioral obedience
  • It is designed with RF434Mhz technology range up to 330 yards
  • You can easily train your dog in the park or backyard
  • 100% waterproof dog collar receivers; Rechargeable transmitter and receiver

Promising Review: Within the first hour of testing the product on my wild German Shepherd all I can say is wow. Night and day. Will give a further extensive review after testing the product thoroughly – Amazon Customer

Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar with Remote

474 customer reviews

  • Range in open field up to 3/4 of a mile
  • Train up to 3 dogs from the same transmitter
  • LCD digital display for 10 shock & vibration levels & dog ID to choose which dog to control
  • Memorize shock and vibration level in transmitter for different dogs
  • Easy to operate with rubber button
  • Waterproof transmitter and receiver
  • Full functional multi-dog training system

Promising Review: We bought this collar a couple of years ago for our very stubborn male German Shepherd. This was our first time to ever try a collar as a training tool and we were amazed at how easy and effective it has been. Our boy has turned into a perfect angel. He gets so excited to put the collar on since he knows that means its outside play or walk time.  This collar is still going strong and has been thru many trips into water and mud and it still works like it did when it was brand new.  Customer service can’t be beat. I recently lost a prong and contacted Pet Resolve for a replacement. I received a response immediately! Thanks Ben! – Cindy

PESTON Dog Training Shock Collar for Dogs – Rechargeable and Waterproof

310 customer reviews

  • Quick rechargeable & convenient humane design
  • Super waterproof and submersible receiver
  • Can be used to help correct barking, walking, leash training, sitting, aggression, and other behavioral obedience

Promising Review:  This helped me so much!!  My dog was taking off every day and now shes staying put this helped us a ton!! thank you so much!!! and fit her perfectly too!! Shes a german shepphed – Brittney Jones

Casfuy Remote Waterproof Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar

269 customer reviews

  • Features 3 efficient and safe training modes (beep, vibration and shock) with levels 1-100 for progressive behavioral obedience
  • The wireless control reaches up to 1000ft making it easy to train your dog in the park or backyard
  • It is easy to Operate with separated sound, vibration, shock and adjustable up-down buttons, letting you quickly switch and make faster without confusing complexities
  • Rechargeable and waterproof

Promising Review: I decided to try this because my german Sheppard was starting to get out of control. He’s two years old now and so far it’s working great. I tested the shock out on myself and it not horrible. We mostly use the vibration part of the collar tho. – Bwaldo

PETON Dog Training Collar With Remote

146 customer reviews

  • This is most effective, professional remote controlled, behavior correction anti-bark dog training collar is bound to meet all your demands!
  • 4 Modes of Safety training will help you provide your pets with enough behavior, teaching them how to behave in a very short period of time.
  • The LCD display with the blue back light will give you the chance to use it during rain or during night-time.
  • The 330 yard perimeter range allows you to practice in your backyard or at the park.

Promising Review: a sweet deal in price compared to those I found at local retailers. This fits my 90lb German Shepherd with plenty of slack leftover.  I used it to reduce the late night barking from my dog and it made a huge difference in less than 2 nights while never having to go over half power.  I use the vibrate feature as a warning then move over to the static if barking continued – the ideas was that he’s allowed to bark until he gets a warning that way he’s not deterred from being a deterrent. – Victor P.

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