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The most probable reason of being you’re here is your German shepherd is whining so much and you are looking for the reason of being it so and what you need to do to stop it.

Well you will find here the most common reasons of German shepherd whining. So keep reading the blog post to find the possible reasons and the best answers or you can say solutions.

We all know that dogs or any of the animals can’t talk like human being but they always communicating in their own form. Whining is one of the forms for the dogs for the communication.

German Shepherd Whine

We have listed the most common reasons for German shepherd whining below:

1. They want to say something to the owner

If your GSD whine than they want something from you. They could be hungry so looking for the food or might be looking for water.

It is also possible that they are feeling bored and want to go out for a walk with you.

So as a GSD owner the first and most important thing for you to understand this basic need you’re your GSD might have and that’s why they are whining.

2. Your GSD is anxious

If you bring a new GSD and you noticed whining issue with them then it could be due to anxiety. Dogs have lot more anxiety than we think.

If we brought a new GSD than we are a new people and place for them. They may feel separation anxiety as well.

3. Your GSD is feeling bored

If your dog is being kept in one place for a long time than they might get bored and want to go out for a walk, want to play with you. They need your attention and this could be one the reasons of your German shepherd whining.

4. Your GSD may not feeling well or they can be in pain

It could be more serious if your GSD normally don’t whine and they started whining.

This might be a signal that they are not feeling well and they are in a pain. They need some prompt treatment so it is better to take them to vets and have proper checkup.

5. Your GSD want to say sorry to you

If your dog has done anything wrong or behaved badly then they might feel sorry. They start whining for apology and want you forgive them.

6. Your GSD are scared

When your GSD feel something unusual such as new person in your home or any kind of work is going on near your home then your GSD might become scared and start whining also.

7. Your GSD want to alert you

If your GSD feel any kind of threat then they start whining. For example if they see cat or any new person. This is not a problem but is a good behavior. You just need to teach them not to whine in a situations like the one.

Ways to STOP German shepherd dog whining

We hope you found this article useful and help you to make your German shepherd STOP whining!

Why your German Shepherd Whine very Much – Know How to STOP it